Technology is an essential part of every successful business – including the construction industry. Venture capitalist investments are at their highest since 2014 in the construction technology space. It’s a clear indication that the market for technological tools in this industry continues to be in high demand because they make the job easier.

The iDig system is one such tool that’s immensely improving construction projects today. This grade control system provides a single solution for all your excavation tasks.

While a skilled operator is essential in operating excavators, you can maximize their productivity by using iDig. The electronic system takes over valuable yet tedious phases of excavation. It can also provide operators with real-time indicators on where to position the bucket without leaving the cab to check the grade.

Benefits of Incorporating iDig System in your Projects

Timing and accuracy are two of the most common obstacles that excavation tasks need to overcome with every project. And since land grading is a crucial step in preparing for new construction, it’s essential to complete the excavation phase on time without compromising the accuracy of measurements. iDig solves many challenges that can hamper or delay your operation.

There are numerous advantages to installing iDig on your excavators, and some of them are the following:

1. Advanced-grade Control System Features

Compared to other grade control systems, iDig offers some of the best innovations in the construction industry, including:

  • Auger guidance to ensure correct depth while remaining vertical at the same time
  • Precise leveling blade control uses sensors for a better leveling job with your excavator
  • Better deported arm management allows accurate work with complex axes
  • Supports tilt rotators that show your bucket’s position in real-time when it tilts or rotates

2. Fast and Easy Set-Up

Setting up iDig is also quick and simple. Anytime you decide to install this tool on your excavators, you know you won’t be wasting precious time. Plus, you won’t have to do it again once you get it set up.

You just need to attach the three sensors, LED bar, and control box in the cab. Completing this process can take you less than an hour to do. It doesn’t require a piece of separate charging equipment since the sensors are solar-powered. Plus, iDig doesn’t use cables, eliminating the risks of tearing off.

3. Safety and Convenience

While checking grades without leaving the cabin offers great convenience in itself, having to do this on trenches with iDig creates the next level of safety for your operators.

Your operator will be able to work more confidently because they can do everything safely within the cabin. iDig’s intuitive interface allows both bucket and LED to be in the same visual range resulting in better accuracy and speed.

Considering that knee injury is the third most common work-related injury, you can avoid it from happening to your employees. If your operator uses iDig, there will be lesser instances of needing to go out of the cabin – resulting in fewer accidents.

4. Faster Operations

Another benefit of using this construction technology is an overall faster completion of excavation and grading. If you add up all the constant stops your excavator needs to make for manually checking of grade, it could significantly slow down the entire process.

On the other hand, you can eliminate these stops by using iDig. You can also save money since you won’t need to hire a separate grade checker. Plus, the operator can see all the real-time information he needs from inside the cab.

Overall, your excavation phase will require fewer machine stops, reworkings, and overdigging operations when you incorporate iDig.

5. Diverse Project Applications

When you equip your excavators with iDig, you can boost your productivity regardless of the type of project. Some of the typical construction jobs iDig is famous for include:

  • Trenches: You can make your machines more efficient by saving time and eliminating errors since you’ll be able to dig precise trenches.
  • Foundations: Accuracy and speed are crucial when digging foundations. With iDig, you’ll be able to perform this task better since iDig provides precise information about depths, slopes, and distances – all in real-time.
  • Swimming pools: You can dig exact dimensions and slope for a pool using the iDig guidance system.

Even large building areas such as car parks become simple when you have iDig installed in your excavators.

Boost your Construction Performance with the iDig Grading System

You can consistently meet construction deadlines and boost your reputation when you invest in an iDig Grading System. This unique and affordable grade control system will allow you to work faster without sacrificing accuracy.

Your operators can perform their job efficiently since they can position their machine’s bucket right down to the nearest centimeter. You’ll also be able to transfer your iDig system easily from one machine to another because of its portable design.

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