The year 2020 saw a lot of turbulent adjustments along with changing expectations in the construction industry. The year 2021 is expected to be the year of reemergence and growth with the best technology to enhance efficiency in construction. While there is still a shortage of labor and construction costs have risen, the industry is developing innovative, competitive ideas amidst stricter regulations to reduce the margins on waste and errors.

COVID-19 changed how the construction industry conducts business. Closing projects had to be completed differently as did the scheduling, hiring workers, and meeting with clients. Many of the trends that resulted from the pandemic, will continue to affect the industry even as we move forward.

Technology in the construction industry continues to change construction sites, increase your profit margins, and improve your ability to win bids on projects. As the construction industry moves forward, the market shifts, and it becomes more competitive, construction trends are going to become more valuable for all construction companies. These are a few of the trends you can expect in construction for 2021.

Drone Technology to Enhance Efficiency on Construction Sites

Drones are becoming one of the fastest-growing trends in the construction industry. The technology with these devices allows for more than just aerial photos as they can also map large areas, create valuable aerial heat maps as well as thermal images. The advancements in drone software will give you real-time, actionable data, for you to make rapid decisions to streamline your entire construction process.

What started as a recreational toy for many, or a novelty camera has quickly become one of the most significant trends to enhance efficiency on construction sites. Companies willing to deploy these devices are quickly realizing the competitive advantage they gain from the data obtained through drone usage.

Construction Technology Partners (CTP) uses the power of drone technology to obtain more than just high-definition images. You will have access to other useful data from the scans obtained through these devices, such as geolocating, thermal sensors used to map construction sites, as well as data for modeling your construction project.

The most significant impact on construction site efficiency obtained through drone technology includes:

  • Enabling you to monitor your construction sites better
  • Allowing you to calculate your stockpile volume
  • Making it possible to calculate material types for your inventory
  • Determine elevation, width, and length for your structures or roads
  • Interpret maps and images for easier communication
  • Determine your overburden so you can plan for an efficient removal

How GPS Technology has Impacted Efficiency on the Construction Site

The use of GPS technology on your construction sites has benefits for both you and your clients. Through this technology trend, your company can reduce expenses, improve client satisfaction, and save time.

With a GPS tracking device that interacts with satellites and continuously transmits signals to pinpoint locations, you are able to keep track of your most valuable assets, your machinery. Other benefits of using GPS technology to enhance your efficiency on construction sites include:

  • Monitor Equipment Usage- GPS technology allows you to monitor the usage of your equipment. Through this monitoring, you can enhance efficiency by reducing downtime or prevent breakdowns from the equipment you depend on to complete projects. These units can also give you preventative maintenance alerts for your vehicles and other specific equipment.
  • Locate Equipment if Stolen– Should you experience the unfortunate event of someone stealing your equipment, GPS technology can help you locate and retrieve your assets.
  • Resolve Client Disputes- Should you experience a dispute with a client over an invoice, GPS technology will provide the data needed to show your team was on the job and on-site during any disputed time.

How 3D Data Design has Improved Efficiency on the Construction Site

With the use of 3D data design, you can bring your flat 2D ideas to life. This technology trend on the construction site is improving lead times and improving costs and safety. Through 3D data design, your designers and architects are given more space to be creative with experimentation. When you use drone technology along with 3D modeling, your construction site efficiency will improve significantly.

Where to Learn More About Construction Industry Trends

Construction Technology Partners (CTP) specializes in construction industry trends and in helping you learn and understand emerging new construction technology. New technology is able to help your business grow and drive-up productivity. We are ready to help you emerge in 2021 and continue to increase your business by staying in front of current technology. Contact us today and learn how we can solve your problems and ensure your company is set up for expanded growth.