How Important is Technology When it Comes to Land Surveying?

The fundamentals of mapping and measurement have remained the same in land surveying for thousands of years. With the emergence of new technology, however, you are now able to acquire more efficient, accurate data in a much safer manner than in those early days. The success of your project starts with a land survey, so the advancements in survey technology play a crucial role in your company’s success.

How Technology Has Impacted Land Surveying

In both civil and structural engineering, the UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), Leica laser scanners, and HyDrone survey boats have had a significant impact on the advancements of surveying in recent years. These devices all have specific applications which are used to supplement traditional survey methods.

The advancements of these devices open up new avenues of important data. Before the introduction of this new technology, assumptions had to be made because there was limited information available or accessible with traditional survey equipment. This new technology now allows surveyors to collect data from hard-to-access locations easily.

UAVs Improve Accuracy in Construction and Surveying

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or UAVs are remote-controlled aircraft that allow you to observe work being done on construction sites, perform inspections, and provide the ability to monitor what is happening at any time on job sites. The UAVs provide high-resolution data that completely outdoes traditional survey methods.

UAVs are also used to capture pictures and videos of difficult or large project sites where access is challenging to find. These areas include basin areas or stockpiles. These devices are excellent and efficient for use in any area that is difficult to access or where safety would be a concern to enter. The UAVs have provided great benefits for overlooking projects with large, undeveloped tracts of agriculture, sprawling industrial facilities, and wind farms.

The data collected with unmanned aerial vehicles allows you to make an informed decision early on in your project, and keep the project moving towards timely completion. Depending on the weather conditions and the size of your project, a UAV flight can be finished within an hour or less. Once the flight is completed, technicians process and analyze the data collected and make it usable for the survey and design applications.

HyDrone Boats Improve Data Collection for Underwater Surveying

The HyDrone boat has made it safer and more accurate to survey midsize lakes, near dams, and streams. This device can survey bodies of water that before were too small or unsafe to enter with full-size boats or too deep to enter with waders.

HyDrone boats are remote-controlled catamarans created specifically for bathymetric surveying. These devices are lightweight, wireless, and easy to transport, so they work ideally for areas inaccessible by ground crews or boats.

Traditional boats used by survey crews typically require three operators, however, the HyDrone boat is operated by one person. Using a sonar unit with a single-beam acoustic signal, this device gathers location information and depth to provide engineers with the details needed of the underwater features and surfaces.

The HyDrone is an excellent tool when needed to compare the elevations of a design to what the current surface elevations are and learn of any silt concerns. These devices are also useful for investigating underwater scouring, as well as comparing pre and post-construction underwater surfaces for bridge constructions. 

What the Future Will Bring

No matter what construction project you are working on, land survey plays a critical role and technology has become an essential component. Thousands of years ago, surveyors measured distance using strings, lengths of tape, or other types of material. In today’s world, computers have changed how this industry collects the necessary data, provides more precise data, and allows crews to work more productively.

As you look towards the future of land survey, it will be exciting to discover what new technology will bring. UAVs, scanners, and HyDrone boats are quickly becoming commonplace in the construction industry, and as technology advances, there are sure to be even more efficient, safer, and highly detailed technology yet to come.

Where to Learn More About Technology in the Construction Industry

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