Using iDig Touch for Septic Installation

Septic systems are common in rural areas, largely because there are no centralized sewer systems that homeowners can hook into. Instead, they must treat wastewater locally in underground treatment structures commonly known as septic systems. 

The typical septic system consists of a septic tank, which digests organic matter and separates solids from the wastewater so that the liquids can be drained safely into the soil, and a leach field. The leach field consists of a series of buried perforated pipes, chambers, or other specialized products designed for the slow-release of liquid wastewater, or effluent.

Septic systems are remarkably effective as long as they’re maintained. However, they still need to be replaced occasionally, and homeowners who are building on a piece of land for the first time will need to have the soil tested and, if it turns out to be possible, a septic tank and drain field installed.

Septic Tank Installations

Septic tanks are always water-tight containers. They can be constructed using concrete, fiberglass, or polyethylene but are usually dug in deep enough to sit below the frost line. To prepare for the septic tank installation, contractors use excavators to dig a hole in the ground large enough to accommodate it.

Septic Tank Excavation With iDig Touch

It used to be the case that the spaces for septic tanks were just roughed in, which often created extra work for contractors and caused unnecessary damage to the surrounding landscape. With iDig Touch, it’s possible to dig to the nearest centimeter.

The amazing technology behind iDig Touch doesn’t just help excavator operators achieve the correct depth without wasting time or digging out unnecessarily large holes. It’s also possible to accurately determine the slope of the soil on the bottom of the hole without ever stepping out of the cab, making it much easier to get everything level.

When operators use the iDig Touch, the technology won’t just measure soil slopes and excavation depths. It will also show exactly where the bucket teeth are at all times. This feature allows excavators to offer a level of precision and speed that can’t be matched with older technologies.

Leach Field Installations

Leach fields, also referred to as septic drain fields, allow the liquid effluent from a septic tank to be safely introduced into the environment without contaminating water supplies. These localized subsurface wastewater disposal facilities remove contaminants and impurities before the liquid is introduced into the local ecosystem. To do this, they use long pipes with small holes drilled along the sides and the bottoms.

The pipes can be surrounded by sand, gravel, or even soil depending on the local soil profile. By the time the effluent leaches through the outer layer, it has been purified by bacteria and can reenter the local ecosystem safely.

Leach Field Excavation With iDig Touch

Like the holes excavated for septic tanks, the space excavated for a leach field must be constructed carefully. Using iDig Touch makes it easy to determine the slope and make sure that the entire septic drain field will be below the frost line so that the system will continue to operate in the winter.

Using iDig Touch to assist with leach field excavations means that there’s never a need for removing extra soil and disturbing the surrounding landscape unnecessarily. Instead, operators can dig down to the exact level needed so that the gravel or sand and the pipes for the leach field can be laid precisely in the right places. 

Advantages of Implementing the iDig Touch System

Some contractors are hesitant to implement iDig Touch on their job sites because they’re concerned about the costs. What they’re failing to recognize are the many benefits that offset that initial investment. They include:

Greater Efficiency

Being able to determine slopes and depths with precision without ever leaving the cab of an excavator allows operators to work far more efficiently. Greater efficiency translates to getting even complex jobs done faster. This, in turn, means that teams can tackle more projects in the same amount of time.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Homeowners will also be happier with the work that’s done using iDig Touch, not just because the job will be done fast but also because the added precision will minimize disruption to their yards. Improved customer satisfaction leads to a better brand reputation.

A Solid Return on Investment

The combination of working faster and creating more satisfied customers can boost any construction or excavation company’s bottom line. As a contractor’s reputation continues to improve, it will attract more customers and create even greater opportunities for growth. As a result of these two factors, the iDig Touch system offers an excellent return on investment.

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