How can drones help eliminate construction mistakes? The traditional method of surveying and analyzing worksites involves employees walking around the site, measuring slopes, distances, and areas manually. Even one transposed number or a measurement that’s off by a fraction of an inch slows down production or even stops it altogether. Not to mention, it can take weeks to survey the entire site and measure the property.

In addition to the potential for mistakes in surveying the property, you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to worker injury, miscommunication between workers and management or management and stakeholders. These mistakes and miscommunications cost you time, money, and productivity. This is where the use of drones comes in. They reduce labor costs, time, miscommunications, and money.

Let’s take a look at how drones can increase your worksite efficiency, productivity and minimize mistakes before, during, and after your project’s design and planning stages.

Why Drones?

Drones offer an automatic way to collect data, and with the right software, it can be input and analyzed in real-time. Drones are vital for collecting valuable data and insights during construction, mining, and waste management processes. In contrast to traditional topographic methods, drones cover large areas quickly and generate detailed 3D images of the entire project site.

This data is invaluable in capturing any issues before construction and making design changes before breaking ground. Once you’ve begun your project, continued drone monitoring and surveying helps keep your project on time, increases efficiency, and provides invaluable data to keep production going.

How Can Drones Help Eliminate Construction Mistakes?

As projects become more and more complex, drones offer the ability to communicate and collaborate, keep your workers safe, and keep your project on budget. In addition, drones provide the advantage of real-time data recording, increased worksite safety, remote site monitoring, and efficient project management.

When you proactively respond to potential issues, you avoid costly mistakes that can slow down or stop projects altogether. Here are a few ways that drones are revolutionizing project lifecycles and minimizing mistakes made before, during, and after your project. How can drones help eliminate construction mistakes? Read on.

Infrastructure Improvements

A drone’s ability to collect and report data provides superior intelligence on job sites. It cuts down on manual labor that slows down production, and creates a safer workplace. In addition, allowing drones to survey and inspect sites provides invaluable real-time data to work proactively to adjust planning and needed repairs more efficiently.

Communication and Management

Modern drone technology provides instant connectivity and communication on the job site. Drones allow constant contact between site managers and employees at worksites. Keeping teams connected helps ensure production is at optimum levels and provides management review workflow 24/7. Stakeholders and investors also benefit from information on project deadlines and firms benefit from the trust that they gain through their transparency.

Site Safety and Security

The use of drones for inspection eliminates numerous dangers and safety hazards to employees. Drones not only execute complex inspections but can keep track of everything entering and leaving the job site, keeping your site secure.

How Construction Technology Partners Helps

Construction Technology Partners harnesses the power of the Propeller Aero Cloud processing platform to create accurate models of your construction site. We specialize in helping you understand how new and emerging technology drives productivity and grows your business. Our trusted partners help you get the most out of your technology investment.

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